For the record, as many of you know my ocd is scrupulosity. Some people have said it’s being too religious. From my own experience this is impossible if you are truly following christianity and not your own misconceptions. I can see how many people could think that. However, after everything I’ve been through that is one thing I’ve learned. When I explained this view to a well respected professional they said something along the lines of this is why she say’s it’s OCD mimicking religion. If anyone is reading this who suffers from scrupulosity I can understand how this might be hard to hear and could even be concerning. Am I saying that those who suffer from scrupulosity are beyond God’s help or gaining proper understanding, obviously not. I’m simply stating that there is a really good chance that they are taking things out context, misinterperating things, and causing themselves unecessary agony. Simply don’t blame religion for their illness. With all that being said I’m not an expert on OCD or any religion, this is just my opinion.


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