Is psychology strictly secular and to be avoided?

I just received my first email about my blog. I appreciated it greatly! In the email she did bring up an issue I haven’t talked about yet. The issue she brought up was peoples opinions on whether or not it is right to seek medical help and go beyond seeking help from church members and the additional idea of whether or not it’s okay to use medicine for treatment.

My thoughts based on my own experience quickly are yes sometime professional medical help is a good option and in some cases medicine can be helpful. I’m going to go into a little bit more depth though. I have seen many people who do suffer from anxiety and depression who really do need some good spiritual counseling and there is some underlying spiritual issues and just some chats with a pastor or church member can be all that I’d recommend.

However, The psychology and professional mental health community can be a very good option. Many people believe that most mental health professionals have a secular bases and cannot be trusted. In my experience it’s often the polar opposite. At residential treatment for OCD I was amazed at the amount of staff who were extremely knowledgeable on theology. I had gotten so off track, I was like the air plane pilot  trying to land on a tiny strip that was surround by bushes. Who let their fear drag their attentions to the bushes that were on the side of the landing strip and heading for a collision course. I was so afraid of all the things that could go wrong that I had lost focus of the fact that God is bigger than my problems, my fear, doubt, and sin. The point I was getting at is that many of the staff were Christians and one in particular even had more wisdom then many people who are fresh out of seminary or even who currently out their claiming to be Christians. I’m sorry, but once you know the truth that you are a sinner and didn’t and can’t do anything to deserve Chirst taking the cross and your debt, it’s really hard to hear some of the things people say. Back to those who are true christians and mental health professions, They for no other reason then wanting to help bring my life back into perspective showed me they cared, showed me the passages I was forgetting, and proper interpretations of passages I was misinterpreting.The staff at residential wasn’t the only staff that I came into contact with who were very passionate Christian’s. The list is to extensive to even start.

In addition, mental health professionals also have knowledge of mental illness. What it boils down is that mental illnesses are illness just like any other. When someone is going into surgery, you might pray over them, with them, for them, be there for them and God still does maricles so maybe healing the illness or problem without any medical help is possible. However, I believe sometimes God works through the medical community to help with real medical problems. When , I finally started getting medical attention my Vitamin D levels extremely low. I had already talked to the people I trusted for sound theological advice. The problem this was an illness and whether you have it and agree or not it is very irrational. Unless you’ve been trained in dealing with this illness and have a good understanding of it you most likely won’t be able to help. We’ll and I guess this goes for anyone unless God is truly doing the work and not you there will be no change in the illness.

I do want to make it clear for everyone reading if you are still struggling with illness and you’ve sat and cried on your bed everynight for it to just go away and you’ve searched every resource available to get it to go away. Be patient things will fall into place when its meant too.  Take the little growths you are given and take time to see how God truly is working in your life.I know it feels like I’m pushing one step forward and there is eighty things pushing you backwards. You just have to remember that the painting isn’t finished yet.We have no right to limit God or his plans to something we on our own can comprehend.

With everything I’ve said I’d like you all to know that I do encourage members of the church to learn about mental health and to be ready to act when things a raise. If your concerned about the mental health professionals not being theological sound don’t shun them and make assumptions help them understand correctly and be leaders in mental health issues dealing with spirituality.Visa versa mental health professional don’t be over confident take the time to stick to and understand what scripture really says and allow God to do the healing.

I’m sure there was more things I meant to write about but I think this is adequate for this subject matter.


2 thoughts on “Is psychology strictly secular and to be avoided?

  1. I am religious and believe in God and have grown up going to church. I have a question regarding this post…can’t seeking help just from church mentors pastors or priests become complicated if some of your symptoms (such as mine) are revolved around religion, morals, right versus wrong, being a bad person, etc. ? Just wondering if you have thoughts on this. I do take medication and have a psychologist as well. Sometimes I find I really need her to balance me out when I get super obsessed and wrapped up in that kind of thing. Just curious on your thoughts! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. From my perspective, yes just seeking help from church mentors can be complicated. As I stated for some that does work.
    As I mentioned it really is an illness and most pastors are not trained to deal with anything beyond the spiritual side. The average person you talked to is not knowledgeable on the illness side or how when it really is a mental illness how to deal with. I do believe in the mental health profession there are very theologically sound Christians. I believe if you’re dealing with a mental health issue that deals with religion in finding someone who fits that qualufication. Understand seeking just mental health who wasn’t theologically sound would not work either. In my opinion if you are dealing with scrupulosity odds are your going to make sure that the advice your getting is theologically sound. Cause, because to people with scrupulosity care and do take religion seriously. Its very important to them.

    I would also mention that I believe church members should be involved in the mental health side of things and if they ate concerned about wrong teachings help to lead the field to scripture.


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