I just wanted to make it clear that pastors and the like can actually make things worse for people with scrupulosity. I was very fortunate to not have an issue with this. However, when dealing with scrupulosity it’s not uncommon for pastors and such to say just try a little harder, study a little more, say a few hail mary’s, pray a little more, or if your at confession all the time you must be sinning more than most. The truth is what these people need is not more effort, on their own merit or effort they will never feel good enough (because they can never be good enough to earn forgiveness) . Simple fact, they’re sinners in need of Grace. They need to be reminded that GOD IS LOVE, that we are not to live in fear, that God is big enough for our problems, and that Christ has already paid the price.

So, I guess the point I’m getting is pastors if you see someone living to extremes going beyond what is typical religiously taught, repeating behaviors such as going to confession or all being at the alter praying every chance they get with tears, or an behavior that would interfere with daily function.I urge you to consider if it’s scrupulosity (OCD). If it is be prepared to send them to professional help if you’re not qualified or believe you know how to handle the situation.


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