Funny Friday: Two and or too true stories

A young woman who had recently arrived at a residential OCD facility had grabbed her coat and set it on a chair while she waited to go on an outing. She was talking on the phone and very distracted, when she went back to get something out of the pocket only to discover she had reached in the pocket of someone else’s sort if similar Jacket. She was highly emberessed, but figure she should apologize to the person and let them know the mistake had happened. Luckily I believe the person didn’t have contamination fears. She nervously tells him. With a very serious look on his face he says,”You didn’t find my gun did you?”.

Yes, the girl in the story is me and yes that did put me at ease. The guy in the story also ended up being a very funny guy the whole time at treatment making it more enjoyable for everyone.

The second story is also involves me. When I was purdy much at my worst and eating very very little at home, scrupulosity not contamination OCD. My brother who is very caring was over and trying to talk some sense into me. Again, no point in trying to rationalize with OCD, it will win. As he is talking to me he notices a died fly in the light fixture or on the floor. I looked at him and said, “Now you understand why I don’t eat here”. As I cracked up.It was funny and frustrating to everyone else. That sense of humor helped get me through the worst experiences in my life.

There is humor in almost every situation find it.


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