A lot keeps going on in my life as is the same for everyone. Between trying to be a good friend, employee, and self  I haven’t posted recently. I could post on the target sweater or the Starbucks cups, but that isn’t what is on my mind. My mind is on recovery. More specifically the issue of how to live during and after recovery. As I’ve mentioned before going to work can be difficult do to a tendency to overthink and doubt yourself. These situations that make it feel hard to go back to a normal life happens in a ton of aspects of your life. When the illness has been part of your life and disabling for so long it’s hard to feel “normal”.

The truth is there is no such thing as “normal”. The little things that make us unique are often some of our best qualities. It doesn’t make it easy still when you catch yourself doing something that stands out or at least you feel it does. This is basically been one of the things I’ve struggled most with since being diagnosed. The methods I use to combat this most often is thought challenging. Today, though I want to know your thoughts on the issue. What works for you?


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