Holiday Hussel

Thanksgiving day is less then 48 hrs away and this means it’s a busy time for the majority of us, myself included. The holidays bring up a lot of emotions and there are a ton of things I could write on relating to holidays.  I want to start by saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to those who don’t get to be home or with family at thanksgiving. I am particularly thinking of those serving in our armed services and those who will be in facilities for recovery from mental illness or any medical condition. I’m very thankful for service men and women who fight for us to be able to live in comfort. I also really appreciate all the staff who work on holidays to help those suffering from whatever illness or medical condition they may have.

As it is the holiday season, I know it can be very hard on many people. Cleaning, cooking, memories of loved ones you wish were there, family disputes, and so much more all add stress. With those who are struggling I’d like to offer some tips. For starters, people aren’t going to remember there was a spec on the window from where your family member the dog sat. They’re going to remember how you made them feel. The fact you made an effort to travel in the snow storm, the joke you made that they can still laugh about next time, or the hug that let them know you love them and things will be alright.  Take time for yourself. Be active in the festivities.

The last thing on the holiday subject I’d like to mention is being thankful. A little gratitude goes along way. It’s amazing how much different your perspective is when you are truly thankful for the things you’ve been given and don’t assume entitlement.

One more thing, not related to holidays just what is going on in my life. The PTSD stays close to the same. I’ve been met with more social service employees that refuse to own up to their part. It really makes me fear for anyone receiving services. I’m sickened by the attitude I’ve been met with that well you have an illness so you must not be remembering right and it’s okay that your rights were violated and you were stuck on a med that almost killed you. I might have mentioned before that we wouldn’t allow a groomer to keep grooming if they injured a dog, why is it our social services for our counties are able to act like this. I did however receive this email in response from the psychiatrist who prescribed the med that caused the terrible pseudo parkinsons side effects in regards to letting her know where I’m at now and the overall effect those meds had on me.

Hi Sam,
It is great to hear from you!  I do remember you.  I am very happy to hear you are doing well and the correct diagnosis has been determined.  I am always open to feedback from people and willing to learn.  Rogers is a great program.  I believe the Cedar Ridge location refers to the Oconomowoc, Wisconsin site, which is beautiful.  I trained in Milwaukee and have toured that site.
As you may know, I am no longer at AMRTC or the State of Minnesota.  I completely understand your concern regarding potential side effects of the medications you were on.
I wish you ongoing health and happiness in your journey!
Warmest Regards,
(Name removed for her sake)
This is a better reaction then I received from any of the employees who were apart of this. I found it actually slightly a relief. She may not have owned up completely and I know she’ll never truly know how horrible of an experience all of it resulted in, but she did at least say that she is willing to take feed back and that she understands my concerns regarding potential side effects. It makes me think that there is at least hope that she knows she could’ve practiced better. It give me hopes that she’ll practice  medicine better in the future. I realized this is part of my biggest problem with the social workers I’ve encountered through the counties. They refuse to own up to anything that they’ve done and anything they had apart in. This is the very reason why I believe there needs to be change in the mental health field. Point in case would be the last conversation I had with the social worker she claimed that the reason she had so many complaints against her was her clients were stubborn and didn’t want to change.  There was no acknowledgement of anything she had done and the part she had played in making my life miserable and almost allowing me to die. People with mental illness need to be heard and treated ethically! Yes, I’m still on my rant. Honestly, I just want to know that it won’t happen again and that others are being respected and their illness isn’t being made worse by the people who are supposed to be helping them.

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