Something I’ve wanted to say

A while ago I was listening to my psychiatrist speak on suicide prevention and all the resources that are available in our communities. During the speech she talked about involuntary hospitalization. Afterwards, she came up and said, “I hope nothing I said about involuntary hospitalization was upsetting to you.” I’m not unreasonable. Involuntary hospitalization is necessary at times and yes, my case happened to be one of those times. Even at the time I was in the hospital I never really had an issue with getting help. I wanted help. If my OCD wouldn’t have been so bad I would’ve signed in voluntarily.

My issue was with what treatment did go on and the actions of the employees. I had an issue with taking a med I knew was for an illness I didn’t have that brought horrible side effects that could’ve killed me. I had an issue with misdiagnosis. I had in issue with trusting people who wouldn’t listen or trust me. I had an issue with a county employee lying to extend her control over my life and keeping me away from my family and on a med that still had bad side effects and no benefits. These are the things I say need to be prevented. All of which are actually against state statutes and has yet to have any implications for any county or state employee despite the fact I have to live with the memory of all of it everyday.


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