What is therapy really like?

Therapy isn’t really what you’d expect.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you go to a therapist with a problem and they tell you answer to fix it and all is good forever. Reality is they won’t tell you specifically what to do with certain problems and decisions in life. They will simply give you the tools to come to a decision that is right for you.

Second, many people think it’s laying on a couch talking about your childhood. Reality, I’ve had a few therpists and I’ve never layed on a couch well talking to a therapist. When it comes to subject matter in initial assessments will usually ask you a tiny bit about your childhood, but from that point on it usually only comes up if it’s specifically a reason your there or if there are any current family issues you’d like to discuss.

Third, no psychologists are not mind reader’s. They don’t have ESP. Yes, they can tell certain things about you, but it takes a longtime before they would even start to know you let alone what you might be thinking. I will say, that it is the best when your therapist knows you well enough to call you out on your bologna, know which question to ask, and know when your not telling them things. ¬†Especially if your a person who is honest just not exactly open. Eventually you reach a level of trust at that you don’t worry about them judging you or what they’re thinking.

Fourth, it is not all tears and sob stories. Many people think that they’re going to cry in every session. In actual session, which I’ve been going for sometime I’ve only cried a handful of times and I will say my mental illness was very severe which probably added to that number. They’re also their to hear the positives and success of work you’ve put in. They also usually help you see things in a different light.



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