Hi Everyone!

It’s been along time since I’ve wrote anything. I originally thought this post went through on my phone, but there must have been a glitch. So, the day I originally was writing I had glanced over earlier in the day & noticed one of my multiple journals documenting my mental illness. At first when I started reading it I felt a little sad. I remember being depressed & I remember many of the things I wrote about at the time, however, it’s amazing how much I forget & don’t see my own improvement in just a short time. Once I reached the point in my journal about shortly after Rogers how far I had come was quickly brought to the for front of my mind again.

The biggest thing I got out of it is the potential for even the most seemingly hopeless circumstances to change. When dealing with a difficult situation it can feel like there is no possibility of things getting much better. The truth though is most the time things change. I speak from personal experience. I currently had a recent experience that explains this fairly well.

Recently I lost my job. I didn’t post it on any social media. I didn’t want anyone to know. It seemed like a very depressing situation. However, it all worked out for the best. I had really been wanting to go back to school for psychology, but I thought I would just keep working for the time as long as I had a job. Well when I lost my job I quickly got readmitted to college. I found a different job shortly after I started looking. In fact of the over seven jobs I applied to there was only one that didn’t want interview. This was a boost to my ego, which was a little damaged at that point. I finished up my summer semester with probably the highest score in both the classes I took and I had a much better time then I would’ve if I had been in that job that wasn’t right for me. I don’t know that becoming a therapist will work or is “what I’m supposed to do”. However, I do know I haven’t enjoyed school so much in my entire life and I’ve never had it come natural to me before. I do know from my experiences though that if it doesn’t work out something better for me will be planned.

This idea that things change and what seems like a horrible situation can turn out to be a good thing happens all the time. This isn’t something I’ve seen just in my life. I guess what I’m saying is… Keep your heads up and eyes peeled for how the situation will turn around.

Have a great day!


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