First #OCDcon

Today seems almost like any other day. I’m back in familiar settings. However, today is my first day back from #OCDcon 2016. I’m ready to keep moving. I’d like to start by telling you all a little bit about what the conference was like for those who haven’t attended.

I think the biggest word that I would use to describe it is community. Through out my life I’ve been involved in many different groups and events. I don’t know any other place I’ve gotten this sense of community. Everyone there is fighting against OCD. Whether it’s their own, their clients, or a loved one. Knowing how horrible OCD is everyone is very compassionate. In our everyday lives it can be hard to talk about or to find others who can relate. However, at the convention there is a sense we are all in this together.

I think one of the other main things I noticed is the education that is gained. It doesn’t matter if you’re freshly diagnosed or an expert in the field the conference has lots of great information you can learn. They have different tracks for different things and lots of different sessions going on so there is almost always a session that will be of interest and give you valuable knowledge. They even have a bookstore set up if your looking for more knowledge.

I think the other thing that I gained from it is motivation. After attending Rogers my OCD has been on the mild end. I figured I’m at least 80% better if not more, do I really have to keep doing exposures, thought challenging, and everything else that goes with recovery. This really gave me the motivation to keep challenging OCD. It made me realize that I am still avoiding church as a result of anxiety from scrupulosity. It also motivates me to get my schooling done so I can help others. It motivates me to help stomp out stigma and spread awareness too.

Well I think that sums up a lot of it. I really could write on this subject for pages, but I’m going to leave it with this. Wishing all of you the best. Looking forward to SF2017!


4 thoughts on “First #OCDcon

  1. Such an interesting read, Sami! As family, we need to know information like this to be able to support you in what you’re experiencing. I’m praying and believing that we can bring that 80% up to 100% by SF2017

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